1) Wafer bonding services for heterogeneous integration of dissimilar semiconductor devices.

QuantTera custom designs and fabricates wafer bonders for monolithic merging of semiconductor materials and devices. With our proprietary technology we develop methods utilizing our custom bonders to fabricate junction based materials that are used for transistors and photonic devices.

2) Optical testing of semiconductors from wavelengths of 200 nm to 3 microns.

Laser testing (L-I-V), characterization techniques of visible wavelength ellipsometer, reflectivity and transmission measurements with modeling software, and multiple laser excitation photoluminescence (PL) of materials. We can measure the PL of GaN (3.4 eV) materials to Ge based alloys (0.5 eV).

3) Electrical testing of semiconductors from 77 K to 550 K.

Transistor testing, current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-voltage (C-V) profiling and Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) measurements for assessment of defects on semiconductor materials, such as proton or gamma irradiation induced defects. Hall Effect Measurements (low and high resistivity materials at 77 K and 300 K).

4) Device fabrication and testing.

We provide custom proto-type device fabrication from design, fabrication and testing to systems integration of Lasers, Photodetectors, HBTs and HEMTs, for use in microelectronic and photonic systems. Our highly sophisticated laboratory and fully operational microelectronics facility includes numerous techniques for the electrical and optical characterization of devices that includes: Laser and transistor tests to measure various device parameters as a function of temperature.

5) Consultation services for microelectronics.

Dr. Matt Kim has designed and supervised the construction of numerous microelectronics facilities from research to manufacturing.  We provide consulting services for the design and build-out of clean room and laboratory facilities for the semiconductor industry.

Dr. Matt Kim provides services for the testing and fabrication of semiconductor materials and devices, and consulting services for microelectronics companies.

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