QuantTera specializes in a new class of quantum based device solutions for microelectronic applications, which combine the advantages of nano-engineered materials and the integration of the materials into standard electronic circuit platforms. This approach gives ultra-high performance and the functionality of integrated circuit technology. It is the combination of these technologies that will be the enabling key to succeed in a highly competitive and cost conscious technology market. The difficulties of taking highly sophisticated nano-materials are cost prohibitive unless a strategy can be developed and our portfolio of high-risk R & D products has achieved this purpose.

QuantTera is developing a total solutions package from design of materials and devices, the fabrication of those devices, the custom design of fabrication and testing equipment to deliver and guarantee performance of the devices. QuantTera is a research and development company and its mission is to develop functional cost effective nano-engineered photonic technologies for telecommunications and power efficient electronic applications. Our approach is to utilize well known materials and engineer these materials with other well known materials in unique combinations that can result in high performance lasers, detectors and amplifiers. Our cutting edge technology delivers innovative designs for the formation of multifunctional integrated circuits that encompass both photonic and microelectronic technology. It is the combination of these innovative and yet elegant technologies that will be the enabling key to succeed in a highly competitive and cost conscious telecommunications global market.

QuantTera Products and Services

1) Fabrication of near IR-LASERs and detectors for tele-communications.

2) Power efficient amplifiers for cellular communications.

3) Wafer bonding services for merging of dissimilar semiconductors.

4) Optical testing of semiconductors from wavelengths of 200 nm to 4.5 microns: polarization, reflectance, transmission, and photoluminescence measurements.

5) Custom proto-type device fabrication: design, fabrication, testing, and systems integration. Additionally we fabricate custom instrumentation for the electrical and optical testing of materials and devices.

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