QuantTera's vision is to advance the capacity and economic scale of microelectronic devices to meet the global demand for telecommunications and wireless products.


QuantTera is a semiconductor company and its mission is to develop functional cost effective microelectronics utilizing heterogeneous integration of optimized materials for transistors and optical devices for high frequency, high voltage and radiation hard applications.


QuantTera specializes in the formation of monolithic integrated electronic and photonic devices utilizing its proprietary wafer bonding technology for optical telecommunications and wireless applications. This approach gives ultra-high performance and removes the lattice matching constraint that standard epitaxial device technologies require. Our methodology allows for the monolithic integration of optimized materials, which is the enabling key to succeed in the highly competitive and cost conscious semiconductor technology market for telecommunication and wireless devices. QuantTera specializes in developing a total solutions package from the design of the materials and devices, the custom fabrication of those devices, to the technology specific qualification and the radiation testing to ensure accurate performance metrics of the devices.

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