QuantTera specializes in a new class of wafer bonded radiation hard transistors and photonic devices for wireless and telecommunications applications.

By utilizing our low temperature HetroBond process, we have developed innovative devices for high performance that standard epitaxial growth technologies cannot achieve. Dr. Matt Kim has been working on GeSn alloy semiconductor, GaN and wafer bonding technology since 2006. GeSn semiconductor is very useful for integration to standard GaAs and Si technologies for photonic applications given that GeSn becomes direct gap at 7%-11% Sn content. GaN is an ideal wide bandgap semiconductor that is radiation hard, mechanically robust, has excellent thermal conductivity, large breakdown field, and a high electron saturation velocity which makes it ideal for high power RF applications.

It is the combination of these technologies utilizing optimized materials that will be the enabling key to succeed in a highly competitive and cost conscious technology market. The difficulties of using highly sophisticated epitaxial growth techniques are cost prohibitive and technically very difficult. QuantTera has developed the heterogeneous integration technology for cost effective quick turn wafer bonding process for the development of monolithic high voltage and radiation hard devices for opto-electronic and RF applications.


1) GaN based power efficient amplifiers for cellular and military communications.

QuantTera has three issued U.S. patents and three to be issued patents on GaN devices for RF power amplifier applications. Our devices are suitable for radiation harden, high voltage, power efficient microelectronics.

2) Fabrication of tunable IR-LASERs and photo-detectors for telecommunications.

QuantTera designs high performance lasers, detectors, and amplifiers. QuantTera has developed tunable laser technology that covers the 1550 nm bands. We have three issued U.S. patents on this novel technology.


1) Wafer bonded heterojunction bipolar transistors.

2) GeSn Transistor Laser.

3) Widely Tunable NIR voltage controllable Fabry Perot Laser.

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